Church of the Holy Redeemer

Liturgical Dance

Redeemer Dancers

“Praise him with trumpet and sound; praise him with timbrel and dance…..” Psalm 150

The Church of the Holy Redeemer is blessed by the ministry of the Redeemer Dancers. The Redeemer Dancers contribute Liturgical Dance to the worship services on numerous Sundays and special events throughout the church year. This dance form of religious expression has been around for centuries since at least the joyous circle dances of the early Christians. However, in recent years it has once again found its place in worship. Dance in worship is often expressed through interpretation of hymns, anthems, instrumentation, other religious music forms as well as spoken text. For the Redeemer Dancers, dance is more than pantomime, as the interpretations are free. It can be a deeply personal religious experience and a time of active worship for those who are involved. It is often described as “a prayer in motion”.

The Redeemer Dancers began as a small group of parishioners who wanted to explore and learn about dance in worship and the liturgy. Presently, the ages of our members range from age eight (8) to “great maturity”. One is never too young or too old to participate in this soul stirring art form. The group has also supported the efforts of The Rocky Mountain Sacred Dance Guild and has performed at its “Sharings “for the past several years, to great acclaim. Some of the works the group has performed include canticles, hymns, scripture, anthems, poetry and ethnic music forms.

Examples of works performed to date include:
Doxology, Agnus Dei, Amazing Grace, Ev’ry Time I feel The Spirit, Lord of the Dance, He Rose, My Lord What a Morning, Thank You Lord, What Child Is This, Calvary, Plow The Fields, Were You There, Simple Gifts, We Gather Together, Silent Night, Wade in the Water, The Gospel Truth, Good News, Amen Siakadu Misa.